Monday, November 5, 2012

... SIX IN LINE "Head Gasket for the Devil" -EP review-

Freshly released on the french label Superstrong Rds,  "Head Gasket for the Devil" is the first EP of this alsatian band from Colmar (Fra)... Those 5 guys have a rather complete background in the local scene through various underground projects over the years, this certainly helped to  make this debut very solid and consistent but also pretty hard to classify as there's a rich blend of influences here.    
One thing sure that can be noticeably precised though  is that this has a very pronounced 90's tone !  The most logical would be to range SIX IN LINE in the Stoner ROCK category with that rather pronouced early Q.O.T.S.A. touch but one can hear also some hints of Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Ministry (and certainly a few others) which make basically their style very abrasive and rasping.  
SIX IN LINE  likes it raging and unrestrained on songs like "Cardinal Sins" and "Hero" including fat riffs with pounding drums, straight and raw for the first, a bit melancholic and almost grungey in its mid part for the second.
Still very powerful "Sexual Transition" is slightly heavier, while "Monolith" eyes more on a heady infectious mid-tempo with angry vocals and catchy groove, this one is the most personnal song of this effort to my ears, a real winner in terms of composition and tightness (amazing solo in particular) !
The EP ends with "The Larch", a nice instrumental with an almost psyched-out mood which opens other interesting perspectives to the band's sound.
This is a debut and as for many others before and after them, the band's style certainly needs to gain in homogeneity but what Six In Line have achieved here is rather tasty and promising; now, this is just my opinion but if the band's sound will turn into something a bit slower, groovier and more psyched-out for the future, then we'll assuredly hear much more about them in the  future...
Check this out and support this quality label that is Superstrong Rds, a collective of musicians (including Crown, Six In Line and Jizzlober) that gathered forces to release their stuff \m/

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