Tuesday, November 13, 2012

... one of the most anticipated Debut Album of 2013 : PRIMITIVE MAN "Scorn"

Here's a band I discovered a few days ago thanx to my great friend Grant from In The Company Of Serpents... And what a band is that PRIMITIVE MAN  !!!   
The recent DENVER Doom Fest proved that the scene over there was very interesting, particularly diverse and crushing too; now no doubt that this awesome trio will be a killer new act added to next year's line-up ! Blending various extreme Metal genres (DOOM, DEATH and BLACK for the most essential but one can find some Funeral and Sludge hints too), a bit like local fellows Stoic Dissention did on "Senium" a year ago, but even more heavily and brutally, PRIMITIVE MAN is one of the most punishing upcoming bands from this planet, just listen both songs actually streaming on their Bandcamp page and you won't need long to be convinced...

Gosh, those vocals are so evilized and brutally commanding that you can hardly believe they are human ! I love this and can't wait to hear more of this debut album (there's 5 other songs)... Ethan (one of the three members) just told me that there's actually talks to release "Scorn"on vynil in Europe (possibly a label from UK... Mordgrimm rds would perfectly correspond for example...!?) within the next few months, while they're also looking for a US deal.
No doubt I'll come back on this highly anticipated album as soon as possible, meanwhile get used to their amazing sound !

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