Friday, November 16, 2012

... MARA "demo" (Free download of infectious Stoner/Doom)

Pretty newly started, MARA is a 4 piece Stoner/Doom band from Gävle (Sweden),  consisting in Thunder (vocals, lead guitar),  Abbeth (bass, backing vocals),  Denka (lead guitar) and  Ülf (drums).
What we've got here, as an introduction to the quatuor's sound, is a 3 song DEMO which you can download for FREE !
Lasting all about 6 minutes, the songs are "Greed", "Possessed" and "On the Edge of Extinction". For a 1st recording, the production is correct, it has a raw edge which in fact solidifies the traditional approach of the band, nothing dirty or full of tons of distortion.
While the song structures are rather conventional, the riffs are slow to mid-paced, kinda Sabbath derived, brillantly heavy and impactful. 
1st and 2nd songs are great pieces of dark, infectious and crushing Stoner/Doom but my preference goes to the last one which focuses more on spacey vibes, drenched with feeling and hints of psychedelia.
MARA is young but already talented and this demo gives serious hopes for their 1st album which should be recorded this winter, so enjoy this nice debut recording and watch out for more from MARA in 2013 !

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