Saturday, October 29, 2011

awesome proto hard rock stuff with "Wulfram" from THE MOSS

There's a strong revival for all the 70's psychedelic stuff for about two years, some bands going even further back in time and add a little more retro style with hints from the mid-late 60's too; this is where THE MOSS evolutes exactly and damn, more than pretty well ... !!!
This young band based in Portland (Oregon) formed in summer 2010 by Tony Pacific (lead guit), Adam Burke (guit/voc), Beth Borland (bass) and Ben Spencer (drums)... I felt a bit surprised when I first saw that this recording was released just six months after (understand January this year), I mean this is a pretty short delay but (logically) the band considers this as a demo and not a first album.
Anyway, fuck, this is just a question of words, because I didn't need several listenings to quickly conclude that this has definitely all the qualities of an album, the band is yet so mature here ! The repertory was certainly in the compistor's heart and mind for a little while, cause we don't have here a succession of heterogenous songs with an approximative technic and identity, this is all the contray, everything has been well worked out, very tight musicianship with a nice taste for pyschedelic melodies.
BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, HAWKWIND, THE BEATLES and SIR LORD BALTIMORE for the historical influences can be heard, while they could be ranged somewhere between GRAVEYARD, DANAVA and WITCHCRAFTas contemporary brothers of arms, with even a little something in the guitars that could remind the recent stuff of BLOOD CEREMONY (the 2nd part of "widow trakk" especially)...
There's 12 songs on this debut which seems pretty much, but considering it lasts 40 minutes and contains 4 short instrumentals (to be considered like interludes, but still worthy to include), this gives 8 complete songs from about 4 minutes, which doesn't let place to demonstrative instrumental parts even if there's sometimes a palpable jam feeling, this is pretty direct, fuzzy with catchy mid-tempos 70's riff rock... I've read about comparisons with the flashy UNCLE and The DEADBEATS which I feel is partially true, even if some parts could remind it a bit (the title track especially) this isn't as intense in the tempo, mesmerized and drug-fueled as the english revelation, but don't misunderstand me that doesn't mean these guys are totally clean and their music too polished !!!
Give quickly a listen/view to the video posted below and you'll have a nice overview of what THE MOSS has to offer on this great "Wulfram"... THE MOSS, a name to remember, that will surely explode in 2012 with their forthcoming album which is yet on the works, you've been warned !

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