Monday, October 17, 2011

“Boued Tousek hag traoù mat all” debut album by STANGALA - due to be released on Solitude Productions

I already presented you one of  our new regional pride (along with HUATA whose album should finally come out in november), here  in Brittany, a few months ago : STANGALA...
Now there's great news, indeed they have just signed a deal with Solitude Productions (from Russia) for the release of their debut album “Boued Tousek hag traoù mat all”. 
The band plays a drug-fueled, vintage and occult stoner/doom rock with celtic influences and lyrics entirely in breton. Mind your head while entering the druids forest, your journey is about to begin…
Set to be released in the first days of 2012, the album contains 10 songs and has numerous guests including guys from Huata and The Bottle Doom Lazy Band ! 

To whet your appetite, two songs can yet be listened at their bandcamp page  :

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