Monday, October 3, 2011

"Apocryphal Dirge" by Aussie extreme doom/death act : THE NIHILISTIC FRONT

Coming from Melbourne (Asutralia), here's an almost completely  unknown name in this part of the globe, even though  things could evolute quickly in the near future to prove that  THE NIHILISTIC FRONT is not just another very interesting extreme doom/death band.
Formed in 2005 as an instrumental one-man project, Gaz (guitars/machines) was joined by Chris (vocals) about a year later; being quickly productive, the duo recorded late 2006 "the four seasons in misery", followed two years later by "total disgust for mankind"...
I'm talking here about "apocryphal dirge", the new album released in July this year. Containing 2 long songs of about 16 minutes each, this filthy masterpiece got a very decent production, reinforcing the idea that the band's sound improved considerably with years, still deeply rooted in an extremely dark and oprressive death/doom  T.N.F stands out slightly from major influences inlcuding Disembowelment, Esoteric, Incantation and other australian jewels from the early 90's like Necrotomy and Christ's Bait... But don't misunderstand me, this previously didn't sound like a band hommage to this golden period !
Mainly characterised by insanely slow and crushing structures with corpsesque vocals that could come from an amazing cross between Renato Gallina and Craig Pillard (for those who sleep as usual in the back near the radiator : those guys were historic singers of the first and third band mentioned above...), the music of THE NIHILISTIC FRONT can still be ranged in the funeral doom/Death genre, very oppressive and punishing at the same time,  but the overall approach is thicker now, especially with Gaz developping quite many dissonances in a scary, sadistic, despaired and hypnotic manner,Chris also is introducing more dark and menacing  vocals (sparingly anyway).
In this dark and hatred realm, this album reveals a music far more rich than expected or at least from what the genre generally propose, eying on other dark kind of extreme musical arts like drone and industrial, this is definitely stuff that shows a strong identity and can suit easily to the hardest fringe of fans from extreme death/doom.
Now some very fresh news tell us that T.N.F. is actually working on a new release which will be the first with a label, indeed the band has been recently signed by Aesthetic Death rds from England (label of Esoteric, Eibon, Wreck of the Hesperus...), cool cause that will be a good help to get some larger exposure. Waiting for this, check out their site for more infos on how to buy "apocryphal dirge" and previous albums... support aussie extreme metal !

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