Thursday, October 13, 2011

interview with YOB (2nd and main part) - live in Paris 10/09/2011

After the first part I posted with my gig report, as a kind of  introduction (with nice special news about next Roadburn), here's the second and main part of the interview I did last Sunday with Mike Scheidt, just before their oustanding gig in Paris; a superb example of integrity, passion and respect ...
There will never be enough said about how YOB is brilliant and creative,  and how this band live is one of the most crushing and heaviest of the planet, so don't count your efforts to support them, they'll give back to you a hundredfold !

Topics evoked :
- first we return to the end of the question concerning how the other members caracters do give strenght to YOB as a collective
- main constraints to endure as an underground musician
- the development of his vocals register
- the contractual situation towards Profound Lore rds
- objectives fixed when the band came back in 2009
- objectives for the future considering the band's evolution and his age
- the assimilation as the "Enslaved of stoner/doom" and the notion of progressivity in doom metal
- differences between Europe and USA that he enjoys/dislikes most
- the setlist of the tour
- and finally the "ATMA philosophy"...

 Thanx again to Mike for having been so pleasant, eloquent and interesting !

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