Monday, October 3, 2011

"Cowards" by ONDE NATUR

I certainly missed some, but it had been quite a long time since I discovered a promising brazilian band... I don't wanna play the role of the old and tired veteran who always speaks about battles from a lost time, but back in the day I was very much into early bands from this scene like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Psychic Possessor, Mutilator -just to name a few- not forgetting the great "neigbourghood" with chilean gods Pentagram (who wrote, among other shredding anthems, a song called "temple of perdition"), Atomic Aggressor or Sadism...
 Nothing much in common with all those bands for ONDE NATUR, except of course the nationality and a pronounced taste for dark stuff, even if we don't speak here about death metal but darkened atmospheric doom/sludge. 
This one man band from Piracicaba has just released "cowards", a debut ep containing 3 songs : "stick that knife deep and slowly", "a plan for the destruction of modern society", and "that was truely the sadest day". 
Beyond the influences that Fred has mentioned me (Cough, Reverend Bizarre, Burning Witch, Thou... being the most recognizable), there's a citation on the bandcamp page that has caught my attention and could caracterize the best the band's sound : "The monolith falls, obliterating everything in sight, yet it seems so beautiful, so calm. That's the same storm that bring us joy and sorrow".
Based on solid mid-tempos, the music of O.N. alternates various atmospheres : angered, bleak and incantatory blackened with massive riffs, then doomier and more melodic inducing melancholy and some kind of dark enchantment, the overall always remaining heavy... Like often with one-man band, the music is built on the strength of the riffs, I think that on that point the identity is already pretty personnal and worth discovering . In structures, concerning the rythmic and vocals sections, this certainly needs to be developped, but  I don't forget it's a debut, suffering from a rather limited mixing work, especially the slight echoes vocally wise.
Fred will self-release the CD version of the ep by the end of the year, stickers and patches will be also available by that time; as for now, discover the music from this creative guy on Bandcamp... 

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