Wednesday, October 5, 2011

from Norway, awesome epic doom metal : SUMMIT

After DEVIL and more recently HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN, here's another awesome new doom metal band coming from Norway, I've named : SUMMIT from Trondheim...
Formed a little while ago, the band has had to face problems to get a steady line-up; indeed after two promising shows with Resonaut and Faust Coven, vocalist Andreas left SUMMIT to concentrate on his main project (Resonaut), not discouraged for a penny, strongly motivated and rightly ​​sure of their strenght,  bassist Kristian (the other foundator) then took the vocals in charge while Henrik (guit) and Age (drums) were still completing the line up, joined soon after by Vagard,  a new additional guitarist  ...
This summer, it was now time to record a demo and what a hell of a debut that is !  It contains 3 songs "I hope to feel again", "pleasing to the lord" and "sun", lasting about 19 minutes with the first one culminating at almost 9 mn.
EPIC that's certainly the best word to characterize the kind of DOOM played by SUMMIT... not the typical way with constantly melodic riffs and high pitched vocals, neither with drony guitars and sorrowful singing, but a mix of both with an additionnal emphasis for crushing riffs ... something that could sound like Candlemass meets Warning, with a spicy little pinch of YOB !!!
I especially enjoy "I hope to..." : catchy  mid-paced tempos with crushing riffs inducing crawling epicness, heavy and pounding rythmic, skilled solos sounding like an amazing extension of the melodic lines... if you add dark gloomy and meaningful vocals, sometimes a bit complaintive but not monotonous or boring at all, sometimes low-pitched and cathartic (strangely reminding the swedish band Tristitia in the early days), you got here the most representative song of what SUMMIT can perfectly yet achieve.
With an average production (but this is a demo and still easily listenable and distinctive) , that leads me to the only serious reproach I would have to make, 3 songs is not enough guys, especially because both other songs are bit too short ! not that they sound uncomplete at all, but it's so great, deep and grasping stuff that it would deserve more development.
This said, you can now download this magnificent debut for FREE at Bandcamp...!!! a CD version has been released but the first press being already sold out, you should check out their page on FB for updates about more copies available in the near future.

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