Monday, October 17, 2011

Swedish death metal pioneers DISMEMBER announce they quit

I've never hiden my taste for old-school death metal, could it be in the US vein or the Scandinavian one; most monsters of the early years are still here, in various states of health, often relying on classics of their golden period... and gods know that DISMEMBER had a bunch of classics in their pocket !  
A bit more than 22 years ago, "dismembered" was one of the first demos I ever received from a foreign band and now, with more than a hint of nostalgia,  I remember songs like "deathevocation",  "defective decay", "skin her alive", "pieces", "reborn in blasphemy", etc...  because  Sunday the sad news was officially confirmed via bass player Tobias Crtistiansson who released an (extremely short) official statement on the band’s behalf :

“After 23 years, DISMEMBER have now decided to quit. We wish to thank all our fans for your support.”

The band was well known within the death metal faction as one of the finest and first offerings in the genre from Sweden, along with other pioneers Entombed and Unleashed.

Total respect for these guys and best wishes for their personnal future...

Here's a few commemorative blasting videos : "skin her alive", "pieces" and "defective decay"

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