Friday, July 20, 2012

a Worthy reedition : "world of myths" by CRYPT OF KERBEROS

There's nothing wrong in my opinion with re-editions ,as long as there's no discussable financial intentions behind them; it's essential that young people get the possibility to discover bands that have counted in the legacy of a style but have sadly too quickly disappeared and/or not been distributed in good conditions for ages (when it's not never)... We can particularly underline the great work of Razorback rds on that point and now if Pulverised rds come also to this (they recently re-released Altar -sweden- along with this one), that's pretty good news :)
This "World of Myths" by the swedish band CRYPT OF KERBEROS originally came out in 1993, a rather strange period in the history of DM : it was the beginning of the 3rd wave, the market was completely  flooded by dozens and dozens of releases and almost everything had already been "created"... More personally it's about at that time that I felt the 1st signs of lassitude towards this style which I was so deeply into for about 6 or 7 years.
C.O.K. came out to the scene about two years before with an ep (like this full lenght - through Adipocere rds) that had a very confused production and let's say it honestly a style that was taking too much in Bolt Thrower and Asphyx. When we did an article on them for my old zine In My Veins back in late 1991, the conclusion was more about disappointment than excitement, especially considering those guys were coming from great bands like MACRODEX, HOUSE OF USHER (one of my fave swedish bands ever) and OBSCENE (I know there were also other bands mentioned but to me those were the most significent); they were kinda just another band from that 3rd wave !!!
A demo quickly followed and then a 2nd ep which little by little were revealing a rising catchiness, a lot more melodies and tightness, thanx to the coming of Jonas Strandell from another mighty local band called ETERNAL DARKNESS... Something that was perfectly matured through this 1st album "world of myths", this time noticeably with a better quality in terms of production and mixing. Sure, other Death Metal bands had already taken that more technical, melodic way of playing, think about ATHEIST or PESTILENCE especially. But more than any jazzy  influences and type of structures, C.O.K. nicely liked here to mix some powerful and crushing death metal with technical Heavy Metal through sharp and twirling soloing, revealing a very rich, atmospheric and slightly progressive orchestration that really matched most other new bands from this hyperactive period. 
It's fucking good to get back into "the canticle", "cyclone of insanity", "stormbringer" (vocals on this one really remind the Macrodex early days, argh that's excellent) or "ancient war", I could cite them all , as in my opinion there's no filler here, at least on the original version of the album ! Indeed, including old demos versions is a good idea in itself, it definitely shows the impressive band's evolution over the years but I don't feel it was necessary to inlude so many extra (demo) tracks... Not that important, the purchase can still be justified for old fans, with that killer new cover and artwork and he most essential is that we've got here a Swedish release from 1993 that sounds pretty unique, no Entombed or Grave copying, no Sunlight formated production, just powerful heaviness and refined melodies... Check this out !
I doubt that C.O.K. were too adventurous or avant-gardiste for their time, I just think they didn't manage their affairs pretty well before that album which kinda forced them to stay in business with Adipocere that was having a too gargantuesque appetite at that time and never allowed them to get the attention they deserved. So, thanx to Pulverised rds to make  justice now to this excellent "world of myths" !

           (this video is extracted from the original version, expect a thicker sound on the Pulverised one...)

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