Thursday, July 5, 2012

Come in the "church of the bleeding knees" w/ ÍWERIÚ

Coming from the beautiful city of Cork (Ireland) ÍWERIÚ plays a rather special form of SLUDGE that has the nice particularity to be infused of real DOOM and NOISE elements... They have just released their debut demo which you can download for FREE at Bandcamp; it contains 3 long songs lasting from 10 to 14 minutes with a great quality regarding the production, something important considering there's a lot of amplification, samples and different moods to value in their compositions.
Through slow to mid tempos, extremely downtuned, the guys master perfectly a very thick and heady style; the moods vary from doomy and crushing to tortured and painful with angered vocals that sometimes turn completely horrified and demented. The vocalist could have perfectly taken part in some of the samples included here and there (certainly taken from obscure  movies), I'm especially thinking about the noisy 3rd and last part of the 3rd song which ends in a cacophonic delirium that could be hardly bearable for chicken ears !!!
Those parts don't mean that we've got here something pretty noisy, unstructured and quickly boring, no not at all, I think this is just their original way of expressing their deepest frustrations. I feel also a rather neat difference with most bands closed to this Sludge Noise genre who are more in the post- apocalyptic way of things, while  ÍWERIÚ likes to  envelopp things in a dark and  menacing environment, not as extreme and definitive, more kinda pre-apocalyptic (could remind UFOMAMMUT in a way) !!! This surely maintain your attention full and intact for a result that is very promising and deserves to be discovered without any restraint..

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