Sunday, July 22, 2012

from Galway - Ireland- : RITES

Here's RITES coming from Ireland (Galway, same area as Weed Priest) with their 1st ep released a few months ago, downloadable for free via bandcamp and physically as a limited 12''... 
I won't say that they are a true revelation to my ears but more  a nice surprise, a little bit curious. I indeed hear quite many good and different sources of influences in here, very aptly blended to finally give a real sense to the connection between SLUDGE and DOOM. That's a performance in itself and means that we haven't got here another copy of Electric Wizard or Sleep, neither of american Sludge bands, which is quickly a distinctive force nowadays... From what I see, the bands name doesn't seem to imply any occult or related conceptual approach, but there's actually not many infos available on the web and the link to their FB is not active at the moment !
Vocals are typically Sludge, you know kinda HC like, raw and gnarly;  while the music is far more eyeing on Doom. That's what is pretty special then, that Sludge thickness is nicely envelopped in a gloomy mood,  raw and doomy which in several moments reminds me the very particular atmosphere of "the wretch" - the last jewel from The Gates Of Slumber.
Heady and crushing  like on "plastic lung" and "forging", or more groovy with slightly metallized mid-tempos like on "vessel" and "iron shrimp", of course I can't say this sounds like Trad' Doom, it's just maybe the shared effects of the weather and Guiness (Karl Simon and his buddies recorded this album in England) that enhanced this common roughness and crushing despair.
This 1st recording is honestly very promising and I'm quite impatient to hear their new songs to be featured on the Hell Comes Home compilation vol 1 and a split ep with Dukalaton... Check out this godly ep and keep on eye on them in the future !

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