Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nashville is Doomed : "devourer of worlds" BROTHER ARES

Out from Nashville (TN), BROTHER ARES consist in Blake (guit/voc) and Gore (drums/voc), another duo formula who present here a very solid 4 songs affair with their debut ep "Devourer of Worlds".
This could sound at first sight like a daring description but their label of "psychedelic Sludge" is quite adapted to their least most essentially for the excellent opener "the apocalypse we deserve", an instrumental with noisy spacey guitars ! There's also some quiet accoustic parts and soloing that can bring in higher than the average spheres like in "hands like salt" but I would keep just "Sludge" in mind because basically they're playing very downtuned and fuzzy stuff with a ruthless and dissonant approach.
As I said, 1st song is an instrumental while there's just a few vocals in the long 2nd song, in fact they're becoming progressively more and more present in time, reinforcing the increasing tension. They alternate between filthy shrieks, despaired screams and tortured growls (last song), there's even somekind of haunting complaints ("hands like salt"), a very good adaptation to the various moods present.
This "Devourer of Worlds" ends with the excellent "already dead" (no chance to find something psyche in this one !), a blackened closer that will make you smell the stench of apocalypse !
Assuredly BROTHER ARES covers a large spectre of crushing sounds through a slow descent to hell, that's a cool journey which in some of its massive and doomy at the same time aspects could remind a bit Ramesses :) I'm impatient to hear their new Ep due to be released in a couple of months; as for now go on their bandcamp page and let them devour your guts !!!

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