Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Minneapolis Sludge/Post Metal : EARTHRISE "Eras Lost"

 From Minneapolis, EARTHRISE have recently unleashed their debut album called "Eras Lost"... This 11 tracks affair is for the moment available digitally on Bandcamp as a "name your price" download, while physical pressings and record label are soon to be announced (watch out for updates on Facebook) ....If sometimes an album cover can yet give you some serious indications on a band's musical style, this is not really the case here at first sight, unless my imagination or sense of interpretation are too limited !!! But if you consider it in terms of contrast and evolution, then certainly a parallel could be made with their musical moods, where the black anger is blended subtly with  the blue refinement and progressiveness... but always prevails over it !!!                                                                                 
Basically EARTHRISE is a Sludge/Post Metal quatuor that plays extremely loud and raw stuff, reminding Converge in their dramatical and excessively powerful and heavy tone; but regularly (though not systematically and artificially) their strong taste for emotional and atmospheric breaks is nicely appeasing the brutality and revealing some tightful progressiveness à la Isis or Cult of Luna...
Most of the songs last between 3 and 5 minutes, relentless, hard-hitting and catching you by the balls - but without preventing you from headbanging ;) -  while rather logically the longest are the ones who bring more diverse moods ("former worlds", "eighteen hundred") offering some more breathing moments...
What I feel is enjoyable in those Earthrise's aesthetic moments is that the palpable sultry tension never completely disappears and despite light and colours, it lets you remind this is just a world of hate and fear... Fuck,  we're all listening and/or playing that shit before all for our own entertainment but in the meantime we should never forget that  this is to escape from this world of shit, partly because we're at various degrees all responsible in the upcoming apocalypse  and I feel that EARTHRISE retranscribes this in an awesome way !!!
Now give it a try, it's tasty :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed it!