Friday, July 6, 2012

Album review : "Distortion Empire" - DUST (ger)

Out from Bielefled (Germany) DUST released this spring their new album "distortion empire" through Grind Attack rds... Don't worry we're not speaking here about GC stuff, even if this is damn crushing !!! 
One thing I particularly enjoy with DUST is that they are the rare kind of band that blend nicely the heaviness of Doom, the power of Metal and the anger of Sludge (mainly vocally wise but also with some ponderous bass lines) in a very tightful manner with soul, harmony and a real thick climate, kind of menacing and semi-obscure with psyche hints.
This is certainly the result of numerous years of experience, unfairly not really rewarded so far, indeed DUST formed in 1998 and already released two albums in 2006 and 2008 !!! I recently discovered them, so honestly I just gave a quick listen to their previous albums for the moment,  but it seems that this "distortion empire" is their doomiest effort, the bluesiest and grooviest too... 
The mood is still generally dark and full of atmospheres but a closer taste of psychedelism floats in the air. Something more mastered and not as angered, extremely downtuned  like on the title-track or weedy as fuck ("my addiction", "smell the burning")  but still with a hammering impact brought by Olli's vocals that could sound like a LG Petrov (Entombed) playing in a Sludge band - which is pretty impressive believe me !   
Just as the music gained in tightness and thickness, his voice gets better and better, the song "dying to be" representing the best possible DUST in its evolution : Olli almost sings in a Trad' doom way on the first part which is a good development, then there's maybe the best solo of the album that brings you pretty high and it ends in a pretty furious way that reminds some of their earlier material... nice, solid and very complete ! 
A rather strange particularity of this album is that they like to start songs quietly with  soaring melodies, subtle introductions to their amazing form of massive DOOM, the best exemple comes from "contact" which bluesy and psychedelic taste is simply bluffing ! 
A fact is that Germany is the biggest Country of the EEC, so naturally (or not) the biggest in terms of fans for METAL but their DOOM scene is not really under the highlights (and has never been), despite great bands like the veterans of Mirror of Deception and Dawn of Winter, Seamount, Spirit Descent, Spancer (different but as Dust has a Sludge edge I wanted to cite a great german Sludge band, that's fucking all !) and a few others... I would now add DUST to that list and will follow them for sure in the future; come on, ok that's not a very original name but easy to remember and really worth to get into ;)

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