Sunday, July 8, 2012

masterful Trad' Doom w/ DEMON LUNG "pareidolia"

It's often when you expect something the less that it suddenly comes and strikes you without warning... I recently had the reflection that it's been quite a long time since I didn't speak here about some great Traditional DOOM Metal band, especially a new one. 
Indeed the first months of 2012 had been pretty rich with great new releases from Rituals of the Oak, Pilgrim, Pallbearer, Balam, Spirit Descen, until the new St Vitus but nothing very exciting came to my ears since then... lots of Sludge and Stoner but a rather quiet actuality concerning true Doom Metal. 
Until DEMON LUNG out from Las Vegas entered my sphere a few days ago with their awesome debut ep "Pareidolia"...!!! Formed around frontwoman Shanda (vocals), the quatuor likes it  slow and rumbling, while her vocals are impressively mournful, mesmerizing and could remind Sharey from The Wounded Kings and Sabine from Rituals of The Oak... bands that evolute in the same Trad' category and prefer to catch your soul with moods than a technical approach ! On this aspect, musically, there's also something common with both of them... but basically the style of DEMON LUNG reminds Candlemass without any special aftertaste of Heavy Metal : soulful, solid, haunting, melodic, even epic at times ; with no effects, no scary samples or evil imagery (despite a real interest for the Occult from Shanda). 
In just a bit more than one year of existence, DEMON LUNG already played locally with Pentagram, Jucifer, High on Fire and some friends bands; but I'm sure that this ep will quickly open them a lot of more and more distant doors ! This is a true revelation and absolutely not just another female fronted Doom band, this is top notch Trad' DOOM and proove that the style still generates regularly some valorous descendants to perpetuate the faith in the slowest, darkest and most soulful form of Metal.... love it :)

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