Thursday, July 12, 2012

Atmospheric Swamp Doom from S.C. : COMPEL

From Summervile -South Carolina-, here is an instrumental duo named COMPEL consisting in Joe Horne (guit) and drummer Tim Davis. Their 3 songs ep captured by Jay Matheson (Baroness, Kylesa, Fight Amp) at the Jam Room Studio in Columbia SC is a cool massive piece of Sludge/Doom you'll easily get into .
Extremely downtuned, fat and heady, both "(the capture) hag" and "let it be the devil" are crushing stuff that can fulfill all fans of Sleep and The Melvins; being instrumental in such amounts of power and  heaviness is NOT a problem at all a single second ! 
The 3rd song "Giants (the escape)" is clearly more refined with a more obscure but also melodic mood, it's not just the song title but more the fact that Joe told me that his "riffs are inspired by legenday creatures and myths" and definitely the song itself that make me feel a more progressive and epic tone. This shows interesting perspectives towards something more varied, consistent and personnal. This song is their most accomplished, more atmospheric while being maybe the heaviest and most percussive, there's several great parts of headbanging to expect from it too !
Once again, this is just my feelings but this duo formula has something special to my ears when it's playing such obscure and massive Sludge/Doom, just like Denver's awesome band In The Company of Serpents, they are not exactly the same but both bands have that special  texture, kinda groovy and hammering at the same time which I fuckin' enjoy :)
This is another worthy new download that awaits you for the week-end ;) "a name your price" affair that of course needs preferably bucks, assuredly immediately invested for future stuff, remember it, just 1 or 2 dollars is yet important and well-deserved...

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