Friday, July 20, 2012

"Going Home" by TRIPPY WICKED and The Cosmic Children of Knight

"Going Home" is the 3rd and new album of TRIPPY WICKED and THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF KNIGHT, another brillant  protégé of Superhot rds along with Stubb... Damn, this label has an obvious taste to reveal the hottest from the 70's Hard Rock type of bands coming out from the UK!
In a rather short time admittedly, but I can hardly believe that this is already their 3rd album; indeed, this name should have been far more exposed than what it did so far, let's hope that this "going home" will help them to get some more (well deserved) consistent attention.
The band has a very distinctive SLEAZY sound, thick and heavy... It's fuzzy at times but not as Stonerish as their colleagues of STUBB for exemple, their rolling grooviness  would remind more the latest period of  DANAVA... which is more than a good point for me !
This is infectiously rockin' and can seriously interest various types of heavy sounds  fans. Melodic, bluesy and consistently heady, songs like the long starter "going home","up the stakes" or "change your mind" are some of the highlights of this solid album which ends too quickly, the too short length of "going home" would be my only complain about it !!! 
What I enjoy with this kind of band is the quality of "simple" but great arrangements, filled with warm melodies, authenticity, passion and catchiness... a pleasure I willingly encourage you to share :)

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