Friday, October 26, 2012

... ELECTRIC TAURUS "Veneralia" -album review-

From Dublin (Ireland), here's ELECTRIC TAURUS and their debut album "Veneralia" to be released imminently on Moonlinght records from Italy (the recording took place there this summer in the label's studio).
Formed in 2010, this trio actually consists in Matt (guit/voc), James (Bass) and Mauro (drums) and delivers a pretty original 70's Heavy Blues influenced Stoner Rock, a style that is actually very popular but E.T. is in no case a band to be ranged in the category of those who jumped in the trend wagon sounding like a poor parent of Graveyard, Witchcraft and co...
Having found a very interesting balance between Bluesy influences from Led Zeppelin, Cream and Hendrix with the gloomy thickness of Sabbath inspired Doom metal, the band prooves quickly to be tight, solid and soulful with a beautiful chaining between 1st song "Mountain" and next one "A New Moon"...
The long instrumental "Mescalina..." transposes successively in different moods, starting with rumbling bass lines (something rather constant in fact)  and almost introspective stripped down guitars,  it then comes in its mid-section to a powerful blues plodder and ends frantically to make it one of the highlights of "Veneralia" which to my ears is very rare for an instrumental track !

Vocals by Matt are warm and gritty, noticeably commanding and strong, a sheer charisma sweats from his vocals delivery; not exactly in the same style though he sometimes remind me Dave Sherman ("Magic Eye") and that's another good point for sure...
During the whole album the guys don't make it easy, neither do we find excessive twirling psychedelia and nor can we consider it as good-time stuff; no with E.T. all is perfectly measured (including in unexpectability !) and show a pretty oustanding velocity like on "Two Gods", closer "Magic Eye" or the doomiest song "Prelude to the Madness" which ends delightfully in a Chandleresque noisy bliss !!!

I concede that when it comes to describe music I prefer to use adjectives more than technical analysis but believe me it's pretty rare to get such a successfull combination between BLUESY, GROOVY and DOOMY, so  this "Veneralia" is a mandatory purchase you should not miss !!!

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