Friday, October 5, 2012

... MOTHER OF GOD "Anthropos" - album review -

After two promising EPs, including last year's pretty successful "Forging a New Path", MOTHER OF GOD recently unleashed "Anthropos", their 1st full length, on Small Stone rds (actually digitally available, while the physical release is scheduled for February).

Those guys come from Sweden and are signed on one of the most famous Heavy Rock/Stoner label of this planet, but you'd be wrong to think immediately about another new Graveyard, Witchcraft or Dozer...

No, MOTHER OF GOD has been wisely fed with Seattle's haunting and melancholic milk of the early 90's and UK's acidified  milk of the 70's, a blend that is not so often used and even more rarely so marked but absolutely not incongruous at all if you think about it a little closer  ! 
Weren't Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influential bands for Soundgarden and Alice In Chains ? certainly yes and those four legends can be considered as the main references of our bearded swedish...
Along with a stunning tightness and exceptionnal vocals, a  thing that is very distinctive with this band is the short length of the songs (at least those wholly in the evoked styles), there's no place for long intros, excessive jams or worthless accoustic parts.
This is always sharp and often straight with a real feeling of harmony which is enhanced by a solid production and a more cohesive choice in the tracks order and balance between the songs different moods; thus the grunge highlights "230", "To Live" or "Windows" alternate agreaably with groovy jams like "Graenslandet" and "The Forest".

There's also some nice pieces with a very special obscure touch, I don't think it's a coincidence if they are the longest and certainly the most personnal compositions of MOTHER OF GOD. More atmospheric and haunting, "Aim for the Sun", "Something from..." and the closer "Lucy" could be ranged in this tasteful and reflective box, the latter being particularly deep and soulful, sluggish with a strange nautical dimension to my ears, this one is deligthful really. Here, we don't think a single second about influences and old times but about a true rising identity and that's very interesting.

It's week-end, no ? So, now take a sit, relax with a cool drink and let the cactchy sounds of "Anthropos" pervade infectiously your soul !!! 
Don't miss MOTHER OF GOD soon embarked on a European tour with french stonerheads ABRAHMA, an amazing line-up promoting two excellent albums of 2012...

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