Saturday, October 20, 2012

... just before their Euro Tour : INTERVIEW with Seb from ABRAHMA

On the eve of their first European tour with MOTHER OF GOD, here's an interview with Seb (guit/voc) from ABRAHMA...
Perfectly attuned with the high level of quality from bands generally signed on Small Stone Records, this parisian STONER/Heavy Rock band has recently released an excellent debut album "Through the Dusty Paths of our Lives" (reviewed here a few months ago) and it's indeed now time to promote it on the roads of the old continent, before some other exciting adventures in 2013...
This tour will cross England, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Italy and of course France... watch out for the poster below to find your date !

- Hi Seb, so how did go the Gladstone fest in Paris last week-end ? Was it a good warm-up before the tour which starts in a few days now ?
This was really cool. The audience was really crazy and yes it was really good warm-up, we're now ready to spread our rock in other countries.

- Did you rehearse more intensively over the past weeks to prepare this 1st euro tour ?
We always try to do not do it too perfect, to let the gig to be something wild and not a perfect machinery. But yes, we have tried to rehearse a little bit more to play some more songs than usually.

- How did you prepare the set-list for the tour ? Do you have a basis of 4 or 5 songs and maybe the rest will be evolutive depending of your mood and the place you’ll be playin’ or will it be almost always the same set ?
The setlist will surely change depending of our mood. Some songs as "THE MAZE" can not be played in every gigs, due to it during time and darkness… So we'll see day by day what would be the best to be played.

- More personally, knowing that you’ll be certainly submited to sometimes hard conditions during more than 2 weeks on the road, did you pay more attention than usual for your physical condition and your voice more especially during the past weeks ?
To be honest, YES! On tour, i always try to take care, as i know that we will surely not sleep a lot, …. So I try do do not drink too much, and eat good things … to be in a physical good condition for the show

- I suppose that you do already know a bit the guys of MOTHER OF GOD ? Did you get in touch regularly lately with them for material reasons or anything else ?
No, not really. At the beginning this tour was planned to be with LO-PAN, but due to some financial problems, they could not do it. So we were searching for another band from SMALLSTONE RECORDS to join us on this tour, and MOG was a really good choice. Good guys, good music, … the perfect band

- How did it come that the tour won’t be crossing Sweden, the country of MOTHER OF GOD…? (there’s no dates at all in Scandinavia by the way…)
No, Sadly, Scandinavia wasn't on our road. But we plan to go there on 2013 and surely for some gigs with MOG

- Another thing which I feel even stranger is that you won’t be playing at the Parisian date, this will be a day-off for you while two other bands that aren’t on the tour will be joining Mother Of God at les Combustibles… why the fuck is that happening that way ? Can we see a relation with the stupid controversy between the fact that Mathieu Yassef is your manager and the organizer of the Stoned Gatherings in Paris, something that you never took profit from despite what some assholes pretend ?
The first real reason, is that we have played in Paris several times this year, and i don't think that the parisian audience wants to see us again and again you know :) So we prefered to give the change to GRAND ASTORIA to play in Paris as we can play there anytime we want to. And yes we prefer to stop playing at the STONED GATHERINGS cause even if we have made only one gig there, there is too many elements that make difficult the fact we play at SG! We are too related to those gigs...

 - Outside all the material preparations, personally, did you plan to bring something special and essential with you on this tour… like your teddy bear, a lucky-charm panty or any fetish object ???
haha! Not really, but i'll surely have something yes to spiritually stay in touch with my wife and son :) yes i know i'm maybe too nice for this job

- Which merchandising will you be bringing with you on the road ? Any special t-shirt for the tour ?
No special shirts, but both bands will have many shirts and stuff, so be sure to get some!

- Is there any date(s) that you are particularly excited by ? on various dates (maybe all ?) there’s other bands that will be sharing the stage with you guys, are you impatient to see one or some of them on stage ?

I must admit that playin' in the UK is for me a real dream. Playing in LONDON is for all french musicians a dream. Hope people will like our show there. Anyway we are impatient to play everywhere, as this is always a new country to meet some new mates and spread our rock. And yes, we are really impatient this see SEDULUS, MOTHER CORONA, MAHAT, CACHIMBO DE PAZ and OJM on stage. It's gonna be really cool!

- This year has been very fruitful for ABRAHMA but it’s certainly just a beginning, do you feel you’ve entered another dimension with this signing on Small Stone rds ? Do you feel your dreams of touring the US are little by little taking form for 2013 ?
This signing has given us new weapons for sure. We now have to work hard  to use this weapons the best we can and do not destroy them. We haven't really entered a new dimension, this is still the same deal of trying makin good music in a world ruled by money and fake people. But SMALLSTONE RECORDS are REAL PASSIONATE PEOPLE, making this job to promote "REAL MUSIC". So it is really cool to be helped by people having the same idea than us of makin music and fighting the same fake people :)

We plan to go touring the US in 2013. For the moment this is only in our mind, but i think we will make it. Anyway we'll keep you in touch!

Thanx Seb, all the best to you, have fun…

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