Saturday, December 1, 2012

... MARBLE CHARIOT "The Burden is so Heavy"

"Bordeaux Doom Metal Band MARBLE CHARIOT  formed in the late 2011's year with the goal of creating a band whose sound delivered an updated take on the member's long list of favourite heavy and doom metal greats. Worshipping the godfathers of this church: BLACK SABBATH, ST VITUS, PAGAN ALTAR, TROUBLE, COUNT RAVEN and their proudly children of grave like REVEREND BIZARRE, ORODRUIN, HOUR OF 13, THE GATES OF SLUMBER and many more, MARBLE CHARIOT draw deep from heavy metal's most powerful blood and deliver doom in it's purest form.

The band is proud to present its first psalm entilted "the burden is so heavy ..." EP containing 3 tracks of unconpromising traditionnal doom chants."

The content of this mail that I received about a week ago was first very surprising to me, lots of cool things happened in 2012 within the french scene with excellent quality albums, foreign tours and a growing recognition from the worldwide underground doomsters, but one must reckon that there was still something lacking in our fertile doomy landscapes : some new fresh blood on the TRAD DOOM front !!!
Sure we have the awesome The Bottle Doom Lazy Band (watch out for their split and new album in 2013), also Barabbas, Northwinds or Children of Doom might be more or less trad' at some point but each one, in a special manner, plays it more or less strongly with a rock'n roll touch, an exceptionally powerful or  progressive one; to my knowledge, there was actually no other productive 100% trad' Doom band, until MARBLE CHARIOT arrived freshly from the red-wine lands of Bordeaux... with a music as deep and tasty as an old bottle of Medoc !

"The Burden is so Heavy" contains 3 long songs for about 30 minutes of a slow and leaden Doom Metal, indeed in its purest tradition with a very pronounced gloomy touch.
Not too roughly valued but certainly in need to be a bit more digested, the references mentioned by the band can be checked and nicely enjoyed , for example from a solo that could have found its place in "the Wretch", a blazing riff in "Mythical and Magical", a ploding mood à la St Vitus... Even if maybe lacking a bit of variety (maybe by inexperience or a not yet optimized   self-confidence, remember that the band has just one year of existence !) I think the vocals are pretty distinctive, where the style often offers epicness and melodies in the singing, they bring here more of a mournful and sometimes solemn dimension to the overall like Karl Simon does so brillantly with TGOS...

This delightful half an hour of traditionnal Doom is very promising and allows to the french scene to count on new valorous Doom warriors that you should now support ! I hope to present you Marble Chariot more in depth soon with a cool interview, meanwhile enjoy their crushing sound...


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