Thursday, December 27, 2012

... MEGACHURCH "Megachurch 2 : Judgment Day"

This curiously named band comes from Ohio and has no singer but two bass players. However, their brand of riff-oriented, playful Rock isn't purely instrumental (taking aside „Teabaggers and the title track, both highly memorable without any voices), but draws on sampled excerpts from speeches of televangelists, the implementation of which at times turns out to be masterful.

Take „My Father's Dignity“ as an example, both furious and menacing in music as well as text. Here and elsewhere, Megachurch make strong use of rather edgy riffing that could gain them a lot of fans from the Hardcore and Noise Rock scenes, also due to the fact that the musicians prefer tempo over sluggishness, but make no mistake: this is heavy nevertheless, in particular „We Are All Witnesses“, the only track with actual singing apart from „Battle Hymn For The Republican“. „Speaking In Tongues“ and „The Gay Agenda“ show what utter rubbish, both scary and hilariously witty, is preached especially in the USA.

From a subjective point of view, the concept appears to be a bit cheap (as is the artwork of „2: Judgement Night“), while the group's humourous approach may turn off the sourpusses amongst potential listeners, but the compositions, brimming with virtuosity, are as imaginative as their shortness is refreshening. Apart from those highlights mentioned, also consider the hypnotic „The Second Coming“ as a standout. Megachurch may be funny, but the music still comes first in their book. Maybe we should call them the comedian Beehoover or something like that.

words by Andreas Schiffmann

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