Monday, December 24, 2012

... An easily forgiven latecomer for the BEST OF 2012 : WO FAT's Kent Stump !!!


Man, I realized that I never got this returned to you. My apologies for not taking care of business. Sorry, man, I'm such an idiot. I've had so much going on the last few weeks it just slipped my mind. I realize I'm way past the deadline and if it's too late to use, then I totally understand. No problem. But if you do want to use it, here are my answers:


1. High on Fire "De Vermis Mysteriss"
2. The Disease Concept "Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel"
3. Orange Goblin "Eulogy for the Damned"
4. Diesel King "The Ancient and the Nameless"
5. Stonehelm - "Stonehelm" This is technically a reissue, I guess, but it's such a great album.
6. Tombstones "Year of the Burial"
7. Mos Generator "Nomads"
8. Wight "Through the Woods into the Deep Water"
9. Roadsaw EP
10. Mothership = "Mothership"
11. Larman Clamor "Frogs"
12. The Re-Stoned "ReSession"
13. Abrahma "Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives"
14. Seven Planets "Seven Planets"
15. Project Armageddon "Tides of Doom"


1. That a second, unreleased, Boomerang album from 1972 exists. Tony Reed was generous enough to hip me to this one.

2. Mendozza "Cabra Noche" This album is a couple years old, but I just discovered it last summer and it slays.


1. Lo Pan - I saw these guys 3 times this year, twice when we had the honor of playing with them and once when they opened for High on Fire and each time they just killed. They are one of the best bands I've ever seen live.

2. High on Fire - Epic as always. Plus they played a bunch of old tunes as well as new.

3. Tia Carrera and Dixie Witch when we played with them in Austin last January. Both bands were amazing.


1. Hopefully a new Church of Misery album
2. A new Blood Farmers album
3. Sleep
4. Dopethrone
5. Egypt

- On a more personnal point of view, please give us your own appreciations about this year and - if there’s any particular - your expectations for 2013 ?

2012 has been an awesome year for us. A bunch of good things have happened. We became part of the Small Stone roster and were invited to play Roadburn and Desertfest.

2013 looks like it will be a very exciting year. We'll be doing our first European tour and I'm so stoked to get the chance to play for fans in Europe and also to get to see as many of the amazing bands that will be playing at Roadburn and Desertfest as I can.

I am also really looking forward to getting to see Sleep play live in March.

Thanks for thinking of me for this, and once again, sorry about not getting this to you on time.



Wo Fat


If you haven't read it yet, check out the interesting interview I had with Kent this fall and most important don't miss out their masterpiece "the black code" + forthcoming 1st European tour next April !!!

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