Thursday, December 6, 2012

.... ASILO "Geografias / Wardance" EP

ASILO is a 4 piece doom-crust band from Buenos Aires (Argentina) whose line-up consists in :
Manuel p: vox - bass / Nacho dp: drums / Adrian m: keys - fx - ambiance - noise / Sebaxxxtian: bass - backing vocals .... yes, no mistake, we've got here 2 Bass players and no guitar !

"Geografias/Wardance" is a kind of advance single to their debut that will be released in early 2013...
Maybe not as minimalist and raw as could suggest this absence of guitar and this Crust affiliation, the music of ASILO is above all weird and filthy...
The tempo is slow and blackened with growled noisy vocals, but contrarily to their previous efforts (one split ep with Tzara and another one with Fraccion Geoge Best...) this single shows a neat development in the moods which are deeper and catchier too, including vocally wise where there's not just a throaty work effect...
I don't know about the rest of the album's content, but this "geografias" clocks at about 6 minutes where old songs were a bit too long in my opinion (around 10 mns) ; it's scary and infectious as hell, their most interesting song and a great promise for this debut release which for sure won't be lacking of droning and introspective moments too !
I am  really curious to listen more and can't forget to mention the other song available here which is "Wardance" - a cover of Killing Joke, dynamic and chaotic, that's a great personnal adaptation (but this one won't be included on the album).
You've been warned, ASILO is a name to count on in the near future and you'll obviously hear more about them in 2013 !!!

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