Monday, December 31, 2012

... PREHISTORIC PIGS "Wormhole Generator"

Everybody capable of properly holding a guitar and playing some power chords thinks he has a calling for playing riffy Rock or Metal, so the fastest way to get it done is by hooking up with a drummer and bassist, while good singers are few and far between. Prehistoric Pigs from Udine, Italy, just sound like that on this debut: It's a rushed job of fuzzy instrumental Stoner Rock, the highlights of which are rare moments of rhythmic variation, respectively passages where the group swerves from its muddy acoustic path.

In„Swirling Rings Of Saturn“ this happens only towards the end, just when you start feeling bored, as Juli Tirelli is not the man for elaborate solos or leads. The sluggish bass-guitar-unison which is„XXI Century Riots“ vies for attention with frequent shifts of gear, but is much too long, the same going for „Tafassaset“,a one-riff display of monotony with erstwhile echoey effects you basically don't need at all, a noisy hotchpotch, probably excused as„improvisation“. You get more of this with the slightly shorter„Interstellar Gunrunner“, including uninspired solo noodling come half time and a frankly unexpected, fast-paced ending. A more excentric effort is „Entelodonts“, the band actually striving for a dynamic build-up, yet the ideas they hand in is nothing but average and could be cooked up by anybody capable of holding a … well, you know.

Primordial Magma“ and „Electric Dunes“ then are the inevitable journeys into more psychedelic territory, meaning that distortion takes a backseat in favour of a calm leitmotif in the first song (the latter doesn't show any compelling tonal material at all) that is once more drawn out too long. The heavy riffs which at last come up are the more effective after such monotony, but still: This is something you don't listen to attentively and repeatedly, but rather in between the real goodies on this field, preferably coming from Karma To Burn or Monkey3.
words by Andreas Schiffmann

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