Friday, December 7, 2012

.... a little point on HDDT fest II : what an amazing line-up announced so far ... !!!

 On December 1st the organization team of THE HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN has launched a new design for their webpage along with the first band announcement of HDDT 2013 ! Since then on, they announce a band every day throughout all of December...          On January 1st the presale will start and by then they will hopefully have announced all the bands. Considering the quality of the 1st names announced this week, we can be sure to speak here about one of the best European festivals of 2013... There's still about 20 bands to announce but personally it's almost 100% sure that I'll be there, I really want to try this new experience after my decision to not go to Roadburn's next edition (and I know I'm not alone in this case !), moreover, if another good resaon was needed, I also know that some good french friends of mine will be added to the line-up... ooops, holy shit, I already wrote too much ;)
This 2nd edition of HDDT will take place in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 2n-5th May 2013 !!!
Read everthing about the festival's very own policy and identity, plus get all necessary infos and follow all the actuality here :

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