Sunday, December 23, 2012


After their great debut EP "Noumenal" (downloadable for free now, just as their demo) released last Spring, Mississipi based OSTROV is back in this end of the year with 2 new songs shared on a split ep with DEAD END ALASKA...
What can surprise but certainly not disconcert at first listening is the sound which seems even more LIVE than on Noumenal, sure this gives a rawer edge to the overall but I think the band will need more carefully-laid recording conditions in the future !  This doesn't change drastically anything in their nice blend of Post HC and SLUDGE, just maybe the Blackened influences are not as present (or as obvious) here like they were on a song like "Frame-Dragging" or even "Redshift.
The opening song "Maw" is a 7 minutes long piece of aesthetic heaviness with gnarly vocals, the creative additions are particularly neat here especially with stunning soloing and transporting melodies.
2nd song "Carrion" is shorter, more classical in its structure and visceral too, but still another proof that with better conditions, at the height of their talented potencial, OSTROV could definitely hit the target in 2013 !!!

I couldn't forget a mention on Dead End Alaska, their partners on this split effort : well I'm sincerely convinced they're much interesting for people into Post HC, but (too bad for me or not) this kind of sound is not really my cup of tea if it's not accompanied by Sludge or Black overtones, or at least a great dose of heaviness and downtuned guitars !!! I know I'm sometimes an old close-minded asshole but on the other hand I've willingly got to reckon that it's best if bands who share a split effort aren't playing exactly the same style of music, so I think it wholly deserves attention and support ;)

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