Saturday, December 8, 2012

... Interview with EARTHEN GRAVE revealing some more exciting news !!!

One week after the announcement of Chris Wozniak's introduction as the new drummer of the band, Chicago Heavy-Doom Metal maestros EARTHEN GRAVE are about to have another major announcement for their fans !
The successor to their acclaimed debut album released late spring (still available, don't miss out one of the most essential and unique piece of Doom METAL of 2012) will indeed be released through a solid and extremely dedicated label which should give the band a consistent expansion to their epic world's conquest !!! if you're aware of what's going on in the scene, you'll easily guess their name which is just suggested here but should be imminentely officialized after last contractual agreements ;)
I asked a few questions about both those important annoucements to vocalist Mark and new drummer Chris...

Hi, first let me thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to talk with you about those both important announcements happening in EARTHEN GRAVE’s actuality !

To Mark : Well, let’s start with the 1st announcement of this week with the coming of Chris Wozniak in replacement of Scott Davidson on drums , how did all this happen… ?Earthen Grave wanted to go into deeper musical realms and it was time to do so. has the departure of Scott been sudden ? In writing its sudden but not really. did you know personally Chris before ? I’ve been friends/bros with Chris Since 2004. We had a band together called TRIFOG. did you need several contacts and rehearsals to take sides ? I been wanting Chris in the band for a period of time. I knew he would fit perfectly into EG. We had many offers from other fine drummers but we went with Chris which I’m thrilled about.

To Chris : so how do you feel after your first gig with Earthen Grave this Friday at the Double Door in Chicago ? Well, I’ve been taking a break from playing gigs for a while, so it was good just to get back on stage. Playing behind these guys made it that much better. Did it give you appetite for some more ? Hell yeah! Can’t wait for gig #2, #20, #200….hopefully even #2000, lol…

Chris, how did you consider the offer to play in Earthen Grave, a band whose sound is basically more Traditional Heavy/doom Metal like, than your actual both other bands and if I’m not wrong all your other previous projects ? As Mark said, we were in Trifog together which was all traditional doom and stoner rock. Lair of the Minotaur has some doom roots and a few doom tracks here and there. We were on Southern Lord, so our label mates were primarily doom, drone, and the like. Of course, I’m a fan of all sorts of doom, sludge, stoner, etc… Bottom line, I’m no stranger to the genre…

Mark, so , do you already see some benefits with the coming of Chris in the band ? Major benefits! I have a drinking buddy! No really he brings a overall professionalism and great positive work ethic, does he bring something different to the band’s sound ? Well he plays one of my favorite drum kits which sound MASSIVE! But I’m excited to hear the sounds on new songs!

This summer you played in the St Brigid’s church in Ottawa (Ontario), has it been your most memorable live performance with the band ? That was absolutely incredible! To sing in a place like that and have all the crosses and what not... Did you feel a spiritual dimension ?  Well I felt more reserved since it was or used to be an church. even like maybe a lind of personnal achievement or was it just impressive and unusual ? I think all 3 fit perfectly There’s a nice video with a succession of photos, wasn’t it possible to record in live conditions ? The sound crew did a great job with what we have. The natural reverb from that place was out of the park. Canada is a great place and EG would love to be apart of the fest again!

Is this type of roman church very rare in North America ? Well Metal bands with dark overtones Never play churchs, unless they are ran by Anton Lavey…

Mark, I know there’s other good news to announce with a deal almost officially signed with a great American label which I let you talk about ? We are working with a Great Label who has become members of the band sort say. They are like family in my eyes… This is a very promising deal for you guys are going to work with very dedicated people who can also open some European doors for you, are things now more clear for you concerning the recording and release conditions of your new album ? Having Chris and seeing the effect he has on the band in a very short period of time and now having label appeal yes I’m very clear, ready,

The fact that R. M. signed you confirms their great taste, but usually they produce more 70’s stoner/hard rock bands while Earthen Grave has more of a 80’s touch, how do you feel about this ? I think it shows they really believe in what EG has done all on our own. Call it what you want if the band has substance then there you go…

So, all this must give strength and confidence for the near future and serenity for the end of the year and Christmas, that’s cool ! Of course there’s your participation at the awesome Days of the Doomed fest III already planed for next june, but maybe there’s others in the works for early/spring 2013 ? Ron does a great job planning shows and what not so 2013 will be a DOOM filled year for Earthen Grave and I’m very lucky to have the support from my bandmates and family.

Find out more about EARTHEN GRAVE's identity, first album details, etc... by reading the interview I had with Ron Holzner last January : here !

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