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Another band from Bordeaux (from where are also coming Oyabun, Sun Preachers and Marble Chariot) is BAGARRE GENERALE... Meaning "General Fight" in french, I guess such a name would rather more suggest some HC sound behind it, something at least more noisy and revolting.
But don't misunderstand me, the band's sound is everything except something pacifying, it's damn dark, heavy and crushing !

In fact this instrumental quatuor consisting in Alix (BassTrombone) ,Gabriel (Guitar), Olivier (Bass & Keyboards) and Cyrille (Drums & Trombone), describe their style as retro-futurist Metal but their label does it more concretely through a description that is amazing and absolutely fair about the various emotions brought by the unique moods of their long epic songs, full of massive and haunting guitars with this trombone enhancing every sensations, could they be disturbing, cold, bleak and blazing :

"Bagarre Générale c’est un peu comme courir nu dans la forêt en tirant en l’air avec un fusil d’assaut et deux ou trois acides qui fondent sous la langue.

Comme si Keelhaul et High On Fire , pris d’une crise de Zeuhl, sortaient les cuivres comme on brandit une machette.

Ou encore comme si les fantômes lubriques de Malher et Moussorgski se mettaient à sodomiser tout azimut les jeunes éphèbes du math-metal.

Bagarre Générale c’est une musique épique, massive et irréelle où les cuivres se mélangent aux guitares pour dérouler des beignes soniques et accoucher d’un magma de terreur soutenu par une section rythmique implacable et insatiable."

in English this could more or less give :

"Bagarre Générale" sounds a bit like running naked in the forest shooting into the air with an assault rifle and two or three acids dissolving under the tongue.

As if Keelhaul and High On Fire, caught by a Zeuhl's cris, took out the brass as brandishing a machete.

Or as if the lustful ghosts of Mahler and Mussorgsky began to sodomize young men bearing all the math-metal.

Bagarre Générale plays a music that is epic, massive and unreal where brass are mixed with guitars to sonically smash your head and deliver a magma of terror backed by a relentless and unstoppable rhythmic section."

I'd like to thank Chris from Huata to have mentioned this killer band in his end of year-list (to be published in about 10 days), that's the main goal of this topic where everyone mentions his faves of the years, including some cool revelations... like Bagarre Generale (for him and maybe you too now), help curious people to always find new gems displaying heavy sounds !

I suppose this must be called an EP, considering it contains 4 songs for about 30 minutes but who cares after all, if you do your market on bandcamp then this is a name your price affair that deserves a few bux more than many full length albums ; and in any case a vynil edition is available here !!!

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