Monday, December 31, 2012

... SECOND GRAVE "s/t" (album review)

The most prominent members of Second Grave are probably former Warhorse guitarist and singer Krista Van Guilder alongside bassist Dave Gein from Black Pyramid. However, the band is the brainchild of drummer Chuck Ferreira, with second axeman Chris Drzal completing the line-up.
Second Grave play a rather melodic type of Doom Metal with Stoner-touches, nothing out of the ordinary, yet well-conceived and delivered with conviction as well as songwriting intelligence. After the unassuming intro „Through The Red Door“, „Covet“ sounds convincing right away with Krista's charismatic voice dominating the picture as well as appealing guitar-harmonies that actually justify having two six-stringer. The mood is a mournful one, but Second Grave are rather fighters and not resignating sad-sacks. „Mountains Of Madness“may not be the most original title – as said, this band is not about innovation anyway – and lasts about nine minutes just like the opener. Thanks to its stomping beat, it comes across more lively and doesn't fall short of a veritable hook, once more provided by the singer.

Salvation“is a one-minute acoustic interlude, again reminding us of the diversity the guitarists display throughout (as if their perfectly placed solos and leads were not enough), before wistfulness gains the upper hand again with „Soul Extinction“, a compact track that benefits from its catchy chorus – just like closer „Divide And Conquer“, the only difference here being a more epic character, also manifest in its length of about eight minutes.
All in all, Second Grave don't move any mountains with this first effort, yet proove themselves as solid composers without too much distinction apart from Kristas voice. If you have loved it ever since, you will get your fill with this.

words by Andreas Schiffmann

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  1. Excellent stuff...heavy, but melodic...great "hooks"...I'll be checking this band out more.