Sunday, September 9, 2012

No CALCIO today but still great Italian Stoner worth discovering : GUSTNADO and D.S.W. !!!

Indeed, there's no national championship for European soccer this week-end; no Calcio, no Liga, no 1er League... just fucking nothing on TV today for the fans of soccer, pretty rare for a Sunday ! So, this is one more reason to discover right now both STONER Italian bands below : GUSTNADO and DUST STORM WARNING  ... 
While GUSTNADO is an instrumental one-man band and "Slowdown to Survive" , the 2nd album -after "Hallucination Boulevard" in May 2011- has been released digitally last week (before an eventual physical release...), on their side D.S.W. released this self-titled a few months ago through the starting label Acid Cosmonaut Rds...
If you're into Desert like Stoner Rock with mountains of groove and a fair dose of psychedelism; enjoy those great bands from the sunny Italia !!!


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