Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Hey Steve, any good news about KINGS DESTROY ?!!! "

If there's a new release that I'm particularly looking forward to, this is the 2nd album from NYC doomsters KINGS DESTROY... Most probably out in early 2013 now, the follower of  "all the rest will surely perish" is actually in its ultimate recording works and this - added to their recent 1st european tour and exciting upcoming gigs -  needed a bit more of informations !!!
What follows is not exactly a normal interview, it's just a few questions I asked  to vocalist Steve Murphy in one of our conversations on FB and that, as friendly as usual, he agreed to share... but  in case you missed the intie I did with him last year, the link is HERE. Watch out for KINGS DESTROY !!!

How did you enjoy this 1st european tour this summer (with Rosetta) ? what have been your highlights ?

1st tour went really well---17 shows in 19 days in 13 countries. Every show we got a warm welcome even though most people had never heard of us. Unlike a lot of other bands in the genre, we actually are pretty active onstage and I think people responded to it.

How is it going with the recording of the new album ? do you have contacts with labels to release it ?

Recording has gone really well. We're recording with Sanford Parker again. This time David Bottrill (Tool, King Crimson etc) will be mixing the album. We recorded basic tracks at Applehead Studio in Woodstock NY and are finishing tracks at a Studio in Williamsburg. We are very happy with the sounds we've gotten so far and we have 4 labels interested in hearing it. Its def. a progression off of the first album and we have spent 2 years writing this one.

How was your gig with Pallbearer and Royal Thunder last week-end ? which are next ones planed ?
GIG with Pallbearer etc was great, the sound at the Knitting Factory is excellent and the gig was sold out. its amazing to me that heavy music like that can sell out a 300+ venue in NYC. Its been a long time since thats happened.
We have a weekend of gigs coming up with our friends Black Pyramid and Clamfight which we are excited about. Nov 9 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, Nov 10 at Montys Krown in Rochester and Nov 11 at Obriens in Boston.

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