Friday, September 28, 2012

...Please Donate, Support the BENEFIT ACTIONS for ED Barnard !!! DOOM needs him

I don't know if many of you have read yesterday's post of ED Barnard entitled "HOMELESS UPDATE : I HAVE BEEN UPGRADED FROM TENTS TO THE BACK SEAT OF CARS TO CRACK HOTEL"...
This is a real desolation :(  I think none can really imagine the disarray in which he is actually (and for quite some time certainly) ; one should think about his personn (not just hard materially but also  for your dignity and self-esteem...), his family, health and the very precarious material conditions they're actually in.
This situation for us little frenchies (and a part of Europeans) seems surrealistic, here we're so mothered by a strong and protective social system that even illegal immigrants benefit from more consideration than what Ed is submited to in this critical situation !!!
His fight is far from being finished, that's why if you haven't done it yet you should think about a DONATION in his favour and if you have already donate but can afford it a new time, don't hesitate to add a few more bux in his pocket ! that's what I'm gonna do willingly...
Of course we miss him (even if there's some activity back again on Doommantia) because this guy  constantly breathes DOOM and supports the scene like no others with respect and passion; as a Doom fan I miss DOOMMANTIA, for all the infos and good stuff provided,  but also as a blogger too cause this is a major LOCOMOTIVE that creates a healthy competition... 
Even if his blog activities are certainly essential for him, I think that first the most important is to preserve the Barnard's family integrity...
To cope the money problems that many people can have to face when speaking about direct DONATIONS, some devoted guys have had the great idea to organize special actions like a benefit GIG or COMPILATION and that is effectively cool to support him either one or both this ways, even if not immediate, it should help more consequently in the end and mobilize more people for sure, INCLUDING YOU !!!
This is the awesome list of bands for the Ed "Doomantia" Barnard benefit COMPILATION. This thing is gonna rock so many asses! remember to keep a little piece of your next salary for it and watch out for all necessary infos soon (the man behind this is Joe Horne from COMPEL)

Order of the Owl
Switchblade Jesus
War Iron
Iron Man
Screaming Mad Dee and Alex Vanderzeeuw
Wizard's Beard
Bastard of the Skies
The Departure
Low Gravity
At Devil Dirt
In the Company of Serpents
Hollow Leg
War Injun
Dope Flood
Heathen Bastard
There's also a GIG organized (by JB from WAR INJUN) to ED's benefit, in a couple of weeks in Knoxville (MD) with a killer line-up here again :
Donate here and/or  support the Benefit Actions !!!

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