Tuesday, September 25, 2012

... BEAUMONT LIVINGSTON "heavens and fantaisies"

After GUSTNADO and D.S.W. recently presented here, let me now introduce you to another Stoner band from Italy :  BEAUMONT LIVINGSTON !!! Those 4 guys recently released their debut album "Heavens and Fantasies", another DIY effort that would deserve some label's support...
Where most of the actual Stoner bands take influence in Kyuss or Sleep, what we've got here is pretty different, not as burning and/or weedy, although compact and powerful...  In fact  I would put BEAUMONT LIVINGSTON closer to the early years of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, both musically and vocally wise !!!
And I think that's a cool direction, a bit far from the clichés in force actually. Combined moderately with polished elements, it’s got the dose of heaviness and groove and enough rock n’ roll attitude to drive you the whole way through bobbing your head.
All songs, even the slower ones, have a quite heavy undertone effect and tracks like "this night isn't over yet" and "Silence" have that intricate twist that can keep them fully interesting even if knocking at over 6 or 7 minutes...
This is an album that I would recommend to anyone who likes refined Heavy/Stoner Rock; BEAUMONT LIVINGSTON made an interesting debut, but some more development and variety will be needed next time if they want to  break much ground in the future - which they have assuredly the potencial for !

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