Tuesday, September 11, 2012

... STOIC DISSENTION "Fastidium Vita" new EP

After their fairly acclaimed debut "Senium" released about one year and a half ago, those five maniacs of STOIC DISSENTION from Denver are back with a 3 songs EP  which I hope will see some labels finally show interest in this great band. 
It's cool for everyone (bands, fans) to benefit from the easiness of releasing digitally stuff on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, but sad to see more and more bands that don't get any chance to release physically their material and if they finally do, this is too often a long time after.
As for now, let's speak about this awesome new EP that quickly shows a neat development in the band's sound and identity. Where the 1st effort was suffering from an average production, especially drums, this is something that is here perfectly mastered and allows to  fully enjoy the rythmic section's work and the subtle various transitions in the moods. 
The blackened and maniacal essence of the band remain  essential, just as that amazing bleakness and the screamed evilized vocals of Zachary, but the overall is more refined, less ugly and raw, more grandiose too, almost epic. 
Could it be in "Fastidium Vita", "The Pernicious Anoesis" or the mysterious 3rd track (untitled), the band has nicely enlarged the landscapes of its FUNERAL expression, the emotions are dense and despaired,  turning  regularly in haunting melancholy, and this concerns also the vocals which show maybe the best development. All this to the point that their depressing mixture of Black and Doom could be sometimes preceeded by the word POST, not turning into experimental or too enlightened stuff though... I would see justice and coherence if this band got signed by Profound Lore, a label who has a great number of bands that mix awesomely different genres in a distinctive way and S.D. belongs to that category !!!
This is my feeling, maybe yours could be different but one thing is sure, STOIC DISSENTION is a band that  fans of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, AHAB, ASUNDER or  ESOTERIC should support blindly and it could be a very cool surprise for other tasty blackened souls !
Watch out for further details on the release soon on their FB page.


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