Tuesday, September 4, 2012

... BLACK AWAKENING : new advanced song from "Cult of the Dying God"

Here's a brief post to present you BLACK AWAKENING from Lafayette (USA).
They have just posted a new song "Pillars of Creation" on the net and this one is so good, accompanying me nicely this morning, that I wanted to share that cool discovery with you...
OCCULT SLUDGE / BLACK/DOOM, that's about the nice programm to expect from this mixed duo consisting in Tim (guit/voc) and Mandi (drums) whose first album "Cult of the Dying God" is actually in the -final- works.

The heaviness and fuzziness of B.A. take classically influences in Electric Wizard but the occult and grimy moods are utterly blackened too (there's something that reminds Bethlehem)which make it, if not extremely original, at least deeply insidious, crushing and definitely worth following... Sure, you'll read about them here again within the next weeks !
Go on their FB page and enjoy "Revolutionnary Suicide", another song from this upcoming debut. 
 "Our fire burns bright as we dance around the black flames singing the hymns of Lucifer. Our cult shall rise! The black awakening has begun!"


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