Saturday, September 8, 2012

... raised on rock - deep in space : SNAKE THURSDAY "Cruise Mode" ep

This must be the kind of music Han Solo loads up on the tape deck in the Millennium Falcon. The first thing that hits you is the guitar tone – juicy, well-rounded and heavy . Then, once the catchy, stomping grooves get you headbanging along, there’s time to notice the rock solid rhythm section, the excellent vocals (lead and backing) and the tasty solos.
I still haven’t listened to Snake Thursday’s first EP (also up on Bandcamp), but Cruise Control is absolutely bursting with songs that will have fans of classic hard rock and good time stoner metal grinning from ear to ear. The obvious desert scene influences adhere here; but there’s an added piledriving heaviness – without losing that groovy swing – that reminds me equally of Orange Goblin or Spiritual Beggars at their best. There’s even a subtle Southern tinge that places the band in the extended lineage of ZZ Top or the latter-day southern swagger of Alabama Thunderpussy.
‘Worth the time’, which switches between rowdy, uptempo verses and dreamy choruses is a highlight here, building up to some tasty guitar jamming; something tells me frontman/guitarist Marcin Sikorski has spent time shredding to the likes of Alvin Lee. Another song that instantly connected with me was ‘Deep Gravity Well’, which features some particularly delectable eastern-tinged runs in the guitar solo section.
This is definitely a release that belongs on the agenda anywhere rock n’ roll still equals the surest ticket to good times. It’s solidly crafted, performed with feeling and talent, the heaviness is authentic , the melodies work and it shouldn’t take too long to start singing along to some of these tunes.
I’d also like to mention the cover art, which is simple but brilliant and left me with vivid visions of breakneck runs along the rings of Saturn, imperial cruisers in hit pursuit while Snake Thursday’s red hot tunes pump out of the car stereo…a great package. If there’s any justice, it’ll soon be picked up by a label with decent distribution and promotion abilities.

words by Jayaprakas​h Sathyamurt​hy

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