Tuesday, September 18, 2012

... the masters of Texas RIFFage are back : WO FAT "the Black Code"

There has been a lot of STONER bands featured in the blog over the past weeks, some good surprises, some others just average and/or pretty unoriginal...  Listening to the new 4th album of  WO FAT puts you necessarily in the highest category, the kind of band that helps reviving the flame when you feel ponderosity coming;  no disappointment possible, the menu is  guaranted full of sheer heaviness, bluesy groove and blistering psychedelism  !!!
What is each time delightful with this awesome trio is their fantastic heaviness, always valued equally (which means immensely !) despite a constant evolution from album to album with an evergrowing musical interaction and development on a  "keep it authentic sonically" basis.

"The Black Code" contains five songs, like for "Noche del Chupacabra", and is the first release of the band for Small Stone records, a relation that should be harmonious and this time made to last... Where this last album was particularly swampy and cryptic, this new one still evokes the obscure but is accentuated in the mysterious and unknown, reaching a cosmic dimension (not just suggested by the amazing cover!).
WO FAT favor more than ever grooviness and 70's inspired fuzzy jams and this quickly gives the neat impression that you've got here a real grower, each listening revealing more in depth subtle running bass lines, thunderous drums or mindblowing riffage.
Songs like "the black code" and the wonderful closer "sleep of the black lotus" are avalanches of mindblowing psychedelia and heaviness mixed together. Vocals are warm and gritty, perfectly in tune with a top-notch musicianship.
"hurt at gone" has a nice boogie southern touch which if necessary reminds that those guys come from Texas and have learnt out a lot from the high voltaged Heavy Rock of the late 70's.
The 4th song "the shard of leng" is a bit different from the rest, maybe not as unbridled and exciting at first, the band explores  new galactic horizons in its first part which is a great breath in this burning journey, then it  growes on you with rising tension and heaviness to end with some heady and amazing fuzziness.
WO FAT likes it heavy, in  a stunning fluidity, full of twists and turns that regularly make you wonder if those guys are effectively a trio or a quintet !!!  in that sense they could sometimes remind an heavier and doomier cousin of The Atomic Bitchwax.
It's certainly "Noche del Chupacabra" that convinced the Roadburn team to make WO FAT a leading guest at next edition, but I'm sure that "The Black Code" confirms even beyond their expectations that their performance will be one of the highlights of 2013 ! Now let's hope that a proper European tour is planed too, so that not just a too limited number of privileged fans can experience live this fabulous band... I vote firmly for an ELDER / WO FAT european tour next April, this would be the most exciting package imaginable !!!

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