Wednesday, September 4, 2013


THE ORDER OF THE SOLAR TEMPLE was conceived in late 2012 by multi-instrumentalist Matt "Macabre" Emery (ex-Funeral Circle, Sloth, Excavator). Drawing inspiration from 70's rock, the occult metal of the following decade, and hard-hitting garage rock, the writing process began. With the culmination of those songs and the revision of forgotten material, the eponymous debut album was recorded in the Summer of 2013. 

The sound is not an homage to music of another time, nor is it an example of the contemporary 'retro' rock craze, but rather, an aggressive, infectious entity of its own. Blistering overdriven guitars, pummelling rhythms, and commanding vocals all contribute to the harmonious blend of hard rock, doom metal, and blues-driven, pentatonic wails that make THE ORDER OF THE SOLAR TEMPLE. 

Note : Lead guitarist, bass player and drummer in the Vancouver area needed for live rituals and strange gatherings !!! 

the first addition to the Order's discography is nearing completion. With only a few takes left to capture, another thorough mix and master will mark the end of this journey. More details on release to come!

As for now, enjoy those preliminary mixes on Soundcloud :  

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