Thursday, September 19, 2013

... TOMBSTONE "Evil Seed" -- New EP Review !!! --

After an interesting 1st album -"Where the Dead Belong" - released in the 1st days of 2013, the parisian trio is already back with a new 2 track EP called "Evil Seed"... 

I don't know if their new direction will be confirmed through time and next releases but the band's style is here quite significantly different from the pretty traditional Stoner/Doom they were known for until now ! Slower and heavier, more sludgy and dusty too I'd say - while keeping a fair proportion of groovy dynamics, the band sounds here definitely more mature and seems to find its way towards a more earthy identity... 

Intense and mid-paced riffs provide the backbone for both songs, the tone sets rougher and nastier than in their early days - like if the guys have had their share of hard-living (as a band and/or individuals) and wanted to exorcise bitterness. While vocals are bit more scratchy and piercing, some 70's style Heavy Rock and bluesy southern overtones can still be enjoyed - especially through remarkable leads, this without eyeing in a too predictable retro feel, on the contrary - the fact to let them infuse in this raw overall is refreshing... Definitely is there an Earthride flavour here and that's fucking delightful !!!  

Too bad, just two songs is dramatically not enough but the quality is here and that's the most essential; there's a possibility to see this wicked EP (self)released physically but the main aim of the trio is now to find a well-deserved deal with a serious label and come back in a few months with more good stuff to offer... In any cases this french band should get more attention; here you get another chance to discover and support them, so don't miss it!

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