Thursday, September 26, 2013

... BEAST IN THE FIELD 'The Sacred Above The Sacred Below' (Album Review)

Their new album may be their 5th full-lenght, BEAST IN THE FIELD (from Midland, Michigan - USA) is a name who talks to quite many people in the USA but that too few have learnt to know about, here in Europe over the past few years - including me first!!!
Yet, the instrumental duo (guitar + drums) delivers some of the most crushing Stoner/Doom you can expect and definitely this "the sacred above, the sacred below" is an amazing way to introduce you to the sound of this racy beast !!!

Check out the song "There Once Were Mountains of Ice" below, representative of this mind-altering avalanche of heaviness,; damn this incredibly massive guitar tone may cause eardamage in live conditions ! But the band is not only an affair of straight forward dynamics and grooves, there's indeed a great alternance between some relentless songs highlighting the immensely heavy + devastating and some more refined with hazy variations towards some darker slow to mid-paced moods with psyched-out soloing and shamanic drumming. 

I was really surprised to stand such a long instrumental album of 74 minutes with an all-along intact interest ! BEAST IN THE FIELD is another good proof that words are not always necessary, as long as the power and catchiness of the riffs prevail ! This said,if you still think that you've got enough with your usual Stoner instrumental bands, you also have to consider that this album oozes a great part of epic mystery, like being a representation of an obscure hyperactive world, at times sharp and apocalyptic, at others subterranean and crawling, or cosmic and trance-inducing like in the middle-part of the title track which is a real highlight !  

Shit I need now to track down older stuff (same label) cause it's damn exciting to know there's much more to hear and get from those talented bearded men.
Much recommended to fans of Black Pyramid and Elder looking for the somber side of both those bands pushed to extremities !!! 
Album is available on CD and double LP via

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