Thursday, September 19, 2013

... EARLY MAMMAL "My Fire" (EP Review)

So what we have here is basically a bunch of intros, but not without some appeal. Early Mammal keep churning out material at a quick pace, and this time, it's a tape on Convoy Records, which is not the most concise stuff you will find, but still worth a listen, in particular considering that the format per se hints at a release for niche listeners anyhow. 
"We Need Seven" seems to introduce the concept behind this assortment, being seven tracks overall and mostly on the short side of things. "Shadows" spreads out warm layers of synthesizer with some guitar and bass tones in between, which make it come across almost as a drone. 
"Convey" is the most concrete song, displaying chants in a call-and-response manner alongside a minimalist guitar motif. The whole sound and atmosphere are distorted and quite fuzzy, which fits the intention of Early Mammal, I guess. The Londoners have never been a bunch which is easy to listen to, and the lulling aura of "My Fire" might only betray this fact. The title tune consists of looped samples (of screeching apes, amongst other things) with a final "It's my fire, if you want any, you must work for it", which is only a short introduction to "Cattle", another display of Space Ambient or aural hypnosis with an appealing groove, at least.
 The fragmentary idea which is "Seven" (on seventh place in the succession of songs, that is), closes this dubious (in the best sense of the word) cassette, yet let's not forget "Spectrum" with its unassuming maraca (or whatever). The rhythmic element is more prominent here than elsewhere, the keyboard improvisation in the background keeps manifesting itself more and more clearly ... until the track fades out as it started. Let's describe this as a strange Hawkwind-cousing with a knack for water torture - pain and bliss in small doses with a questionable outcome. If you dare, here's where you get your fare. 
Fade out is but an easy cop-out.
words by Andreas Schiffmann

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