Monday, September 9, 2013

... doom from the tundra : WICKED INQUISITION "Silence Thereafter" (EP Review)

From the Twin-cities area of Minnesota, here's an unsigned band whose name has reached - over the last years - not just the local tundra's doomsters but a great number of fans from everywhere in the US and beyond, I've named WICKED INQUISITION !!! 

This relative success  takes its most recent origins into "Silence Thereafter", following a 1st ep "Self Made Tomb" released in 2010 - solely recorded by band founding member Nate Towle (guit/voc), though W.I. has always been a full-band, actually completed by Ben Stevens - Guitar, Jack Mckoskey - Drums and Jordan Anderson - Bass. After numerous gigs and long months of hard practising, the guys have recorded this new 4 song EP...

Classically influenced by Black Sabbath and their best disciples from the 1st generation aka Pentagram, Saint Vitus and The Obsessed, the young quatuor delivers the purest form of Heavy rockin' Doom with noteworthy strenght and tightness.

A big improvement over the first EP concern Towle's vocals, well-balanced in the mix, clearly displaying his growth as singer but without pulling attention away from his infectious doom-laden riffage; he's more intense in its delivery, matching the power of the music; best example is on "Radius of Fear"  - it's not that W.I. plays the same kind of sinister and plodding Doom, but this song could remind at times "coven of cain" from the sorrowful kings of TGOS, (most certainly is that common tastes for some tasty NWOBHM !), intense and heavy riffage make this one an heartfelt  block and the best song with "Brainstorm".

Another big step forward which is more logical but still very important , concerns the drums with the first rate hitting by Jack which gives more breath and impact than the drums-machine from "Self Made Tomb", that's for sure ! 

Mid-paced with that proto-doom prominency, the music is solid, simple but succeeds amazingly in seeking and setting invasive roots into your brain with driving rythms, heavy and blistering chords, not forgetting at times near spooky psychedelia lead-guitar... this is GREAT !   

The total length of the recording is a real regret, short of just 16 little minutes ! the guys probably can explain this, but I remember reading an interview of them more than a year ago in Doommantia, saying they had material ready for recording a full-length...!?? well, in any cases more is urgently expected, really, let's hope we won't have to wait too long until next release ! 

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