Wednesday, September 11, 2013

... one of the latest most anticipated albums of 2013 : SEREMONIA "ihminen" - out soon on Svart rds !!!

SEREMONIA's ihminen follows the band's self-titled debut album, released to worldwide critical acclaim last year by SVART. SEREMONIA comes from Finland, plays heavy psychedelic rock, and sings in their native language. Their eponymous debut album was released by SVART RECORDS in 2012. Since then, the band has played their creepy brand of psych rock in very different venues, be it small punk rock dives or bigger festivals like Finland's Tuska, Denmark's Heavy Days in Doomtown, or Holland's Roadburn.On their sophomore album ihminen, the band both continues the primitive pounding of their eponymous debut and expands their trademark sound into more epic directions.

SEREMONIA's influences still come from the most psyched-out acid vinyls the '60s, '70s, and '80s have to offer. On ihminen, the influence of old Finnish punk and prog rock is more audible than before. The prevailing theme in Ilkka Vekka's lyrics is the lunacy and evil in man. It's not a concept album with a clear storyline, but every single song paints a coherently pessimistic picture of these dark times we're all living in.

The explosively unpredictable nature of SEREMONIA's onstage playing has been captured in the studio. The bass churns out the catchy riffs, screeching fuzz guitars wail feverishly, and drums pummel away in a psychotic frenzy. Flutes, synthesizers and bold use of effects add cosmic dimensions to the mix. On top of these psychedelic dirges, vocalist Noora Federley preaches the dark gospel in a blood-chillingly cool manner. The 2010s may have more than its share of Black Sabbath-influenced retro-rock bands, but SEREMONIA stands out from the crowd just by naturally sounding a few notches more creepy and weird than your average hippie doomsters.

I discovered this great band last May in Copenhagen at the Heavy Days in Doomtown and recently finally bought their album which is in regular rotation these past weeks over here ... Truly I really recommend getting into their raw and weird moods of occult Rock'n Roll !!! 

Listen right now to "Ovi" on Soundcloud (from the EP released earlier this year) and  "Aamuruskon kaupunki" on youtube (from their mindblowing selftitled debut - released in Autumn 2012) and go on the Svart rds page to order those previous  stuff and/or pre-order new one !!!


SEREMONIA: IHMINEN CD/LP/Digital (October 18th 2013)
1. Noitamestari
2. Itsemurhaaja
3. Ovi
4. Suuri Valkeus
5. Painajaisten Maa
6. Luonto Kostaa
7. Ihminen
8. Itsemurhaaja II
9. Vastaus Rukouksiisi
10. Tähtien Takaa
11. Hallava Hevonen

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