Sunday, September 8, 2013

... 2nd Anniversary contest : "and the winners are ..."

Finally, here are the results for the 2nd anniversary contest - where there was 10 Band names to put in front of 10 quotes (from interviews posted on the blog)... It took some time to gather everyone's choice, then a lot of us where on hoildays, but now hopefully everyone will get his stuff soon ! Thanx to everyone involved in it. Keep on doomin' \m/

1) "I think that we'd kind of run our course doing fantastic songs... if we'd done a record that was full of the same themes that we'd covered over the last three it would have been us just doing something because "That's what we do"... like Slayer writing about Satan or some bullshit. Really, I believe that you have to follow your heart with regards to music, and our heart was not into making another fantasy based record." --- Karl Simon, The Gates of Slumber 05/2011---

2) "Album artwork is always the hardest thing for me! I like paintings, I’d like to think our covers convey a similar vibe to the old oil paintings you see in the Macato apartment in Rosemary’s Baby, the portrait in the film ‘And now the screaming starts!’ and the cover of Dream Death’s Journey into mystery. Sinister, alive and full of hidden meaning." --- Steve Mills, The Wounded Kings 12/2011 ---

3) "We must feed the buzz permanently, places are rare and expensive..." --- Johny Kingdoom, Cult of Occult 01/2012 ---

4) "We feel good being just two, there's more place in the van, more alcohol to share ! I don't have anything against drummers though..." --- Stéphane Azam, Crown 02/2012 --- 

5) "He learned to play bass and sing while sitting down. In that position, he's most comfortable and also gets his best growl." --- Casey Yarbrough, Order of the Owl 06/2012 ---

6) "There is something about men that just drives us wild, how they smell, their greasy skin, their hairy arms and legs, they just drive us wild. Luckily for us, being homosexual has allowed to have intercourse with some of our favorite musicians!" --- Jon Rossi, Pilgrim 09/2012 --- 

7) "You know, most of the people who bought our cassette, I guarantee at least 70 of them, if not more, haven’t even listened to the tape.  We had to put a download card in there.   They were buying a booklet, essentially.  The whole package.  Our stuff’s online for “name your price”, which includes free, and most people download it for free, but once in a while I’ll open my paypal and be like “Oh shit.  Someone gave us $10. Awesome.”  It still blows my mind when that happens, even though I do it too-  I’ll throw bands a few bucks, and it feels awesome." --- Kenny Snarzyk, Fister 11/2012 ---

8) "I think we are more 70's influenced rock than anything else. We have traditional song formats based around the vocals,not much guitar soloing or overly lengthy musical interludes. I'm a fan of vocal oriented 70's rock,particularly, Deep Purple,Uriah Heep,Free,Lucifer's Friend and of course, Black Sabbath. Genesis with Peter Gabriel has been a big influence as well."
--- Dana Ortt, Beelzefuzz 12/2012 --- 

9) "Honestly yeah, when she first joined the band I didn’t really know how it would work out or what she would bring to the table. I was somewhat skeptical of female vocals for our music, but now I’m completely sold and couldn’t picture our music without her voice." ---  Andrew Jude, Archon 02/2013 ---

10) "The back photo is from an real Juke Joint in Clarksdale Mississippi, Red’s Juke Joint. I actually got to play a couple songs there and didn’t get thrown out on my ass, that’s when I knew I was on the right track!" --- Pat Harrington, Geezer 04/2013 ---

A bit of suspense before the winners results ????  hahaha !!! enjoy this video of MERCY just posted on youtube a few minutes ago !


and the winners are : 

Egypt/Wo Fat split 12"
Orchid Patch
Egypt "Become the Sun" CD
Wheelfall "Interzone" CD
Wheelfall T-shirt
Cultura Tres T-shirt 


Northwinds "Chimère" LP
Northwinds "Winter" CD
Rote Mare "The Invocation" CD
Northwinds "live ritual" T-shirt

REY SAPUTRA (Australia) 

DOPETHRONE "Dark Foil" LP   
ROTE MARE "The Kingdom" CD   

EGYPT "Become the sun" CD
S.I.M.B. "Monday Superblues" CD + T-shirt


EARTHRIDE "EP re-release + live bonus" CD
+ stickers

SIMON VOLZ (Germany)

COUGH - koozie


MARBLE CHARIOT "the Burden is so Heavy"
FISTER - koozie


FISTER "Gemini" CD

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