Wednesday, September 4, 2013

... MOONBOW "The End of Time" (Album Review)

Kentucky based stoner rock band Moonbow released their debut album “The End Of Time” (Aug. 2013). The band formed in 2010.

Of course, when I heard that members of Afghan Wigs/Hermano, Hank 3 and Valley of the Sun were involved I thought I knew what to expect.

Well, I know what I got. I got seven songs of heavy stoner rock, bone dry and bluesy with a touch of doom, rooted in the tradition of 70s heavy rock. I got about 31 minutes of tightly written songs, cool riffs, catchy melodies, tempo shifts are extremely skillfully placed and there’s an overall excellent musicianship. Matt Bischoff's vocals are captivating and expressive and have no reason to hide behind those of John Garcia, who not only guests on “Take It For Granted”, but also wrote the song.

The songs are diverse, from the heavy blues of the opener and title track or “Octavia” which has that awesome crawling “stripper” vibe, to the balls to the wall rock’n’roll groove of “Journey Of The Iron Horse” and “Black Widow”. Even the order of the songs is well chosen.

“The End Of Time” is a joyful listen from start to finish…. and yet, something is missing for me, or rather is too much. The melodies are a bit too catchy, everything is running just too smooth and well placed. I miss some edges, some roughness, some surprise. Maybe that’s boon and bane of being experienced musicians and being young as a band.

But this is complaining on a high level, we’re still talking of a debut album, and it is a damn good one. I’m definitely curious about what’s to come from Moonbow.

words by Ulla Roschat


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