Thursday, September 29, 2011

"earth" new demo by DOOMSOWER - available via free download !!!

After their first album "vintage era" released through DMA rds in the first days of this year and some line up changes, this band from Portland (Oregon) has recently released a new demo called "earth" -available via free download- ... First I clicked on the link with curiosity, you know like when it's free you sometimes tell yourself "oh, why not, there's nothing to loose ?!" I didn't need several listenings to admit what became obvious "oh shit, I did well, this band fuckin' rules " !!! I really wonder why they aren't more known, despite being on Ed Barnard's label and above all having such talent to display awesome trad' Doom ?!!! So many many many releases come out regularly, DOOMSOWER prooves again and more than ever that it's almost impossible not to miss sometimes great bands.
But everyone is given here the opportunity to catch up the mistake to have "neglect" them, so let's hope that this new line-up and demo will be a kind of booster to get the recognition they fully deserve.
Saint Justin Doom ( vocals/guitar) has been indeed joined by The Doom Rocker (bass) and The Beard Of Doom (drums), forming certainly now a more homogeneous entity, stronger both musically and humanly.
DOOMSOWER style didn't change radically at all, still pretty much influenced by the referent of trad' doom SAINT VITUS and some of its best apostles Reverend Bizarre and The Gates Of Slumber, musically and vocally wise, with Justin's singing sounding brillantly like Scott Reagers or sometimes Karl Simon.
But they aren't a copy of anyone at all, it's just that the type of sound and structures remind these bands.
Songs are on average not as long as previously (the album contained 2 songs lasting 14 mn) which gives more catchiness; production is in some parts just average but this is a demo and all in all it does fit pretty well with this raw and gloomy style of doom.
I especially enjoy "el camino real" and "stone pussy", raw and crushing with some very skilled solos by Justin showing a wider range of influences (eyeing a bit on blues), while "meteor" has a more intimate mood but introduces in some parts an external soundtrack that in my opinion doesn't bring anything special, nothing really damaging though.
This band has a deep character, breathing Doom with authenticity and nobility, just for that they deserve respect but that's not all, so give them a new chance by downloading this new demo and believe me you will quickly become a new addicted fan, like I did a few days ago !!!

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