Saturday, March 17, 2012

1st anniversary CONTEST - answer 5 easy questions and win great stuff !

One year ago exactly, I was publishing the 1st posts of the blog... During this year, that passed even more quickly than usual, I've had much enjoyment doing this and would like to take here the opportunity to thank all the bands, labels and people that have trusted me, plus of course everyone else who came and had a reading here !

Just as in most activities, could they be professional, or  in sports and leisures,etc...  to get a constant and intact motivation, it's important to feel your work supported and reckoned, so please don't forget it by liking the posts, leaving comments, sharing the links and eventually coming more regularly here !!!

I'd like also to thank sincerely Vania and Nathaniel for joining me a few weeks ago and having already provided very good stuff, also thanx to Wes Cueto (just hope you could provide a bit more of your time and talent to the blog in the nearest future)... If anyone feels interested to bring some welcome help, just write me and I'll willingly consider your proposition, it can be regular or just exceptionnal with  a review that you feel inspired to write or a Live report... don't hesitate, really ;)

The main mark of the blog I guess concerns INTERVIEWS...
You'll still have some very regularly, averagely 2 by week, on the same 
basis : nothing calculated, neither imposed by anyone,  just for the satisfaction to get answers to the questions we ask ourselves as simple fans, which logically are the same as (most of)  yours ... 
As you've noticed, most of those interviews concern bands that you won't find everywhere else at the same time... This will not change, where would be the interest otherwise ? 
Some nice surprises shall be expected too, starting very soon with different interviews from people closely linked to the scene that you've never read about anywhere else !!!! 

Of course, like everyone who starts a new project, I was expecting toget a minimum of recognition with a regular development but nothing really precise... Even if it could have been a bit better, for various reasons, the number of almost 45 000 views (44 555 exactly)  for the 1st year satisfies me wholly :) If not another 0 added to this number, it would be yet cool to reach an amount with 6 numbers for the 2nd year !!! I count on you to spread the word about T.O.P. as it deserves it ;)
The best views of this 1st year have gone to : 
POLL 2011
MALTA DOOM METAL Fest (interview with Albert Bell)
ORCHID interview
LORD VICAR "signs of Osiris" review
Dave SHERMAN interview
DAYS OF THE DOOMED interview (Mike Smith)
YOB interview (part 1)
ICE DRAGON special announce for "Tome of the Future Ancients" 

Nothing special concerning views per countries, the order remains almost the same as by Chritsmas time for the 25 000th views  :
USA (40,95%), FRANCE (11,47%), GERMANY (6.97%),
UNITED KINGDOM (5.50%), GREECE (2.44%),

Finally, rather than my knee on their teeth, I could not end without sending a Major FUCK OFF to people (labels and bands) who ignore and simply don't respect the work of  (small) bloggers that are praising their works...

Now, to thank you for your support, here's the CONTEST

 * Besides STONE MAGNUM, what's the name of Dean Tavernier's other Metal band ?

* Among ATARAXIE, THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND and  EIBON, which one(s) is (are) on a french label ?

* Which french bands are included in this year ROADBURN's line-up ?

* With which English band  are gonna tour  CULTURA TRES and 
 BANDA de la MUERTE soon  in Holland ?

* Name two other bands where  members from    THE DISEASE CONCEPT are playing in ?

 Additional question - just for French people - ( considering they  should have  advantage on answering questions 2 and 3) :
 * Au début des années 90, dans quel ordre se sont montés les labels
   suivants : OSMOSE, HOLY et LISTENABLE ?

1st price : THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND "blood for the blood
king" LP and "the beast must die" CD + BARABBAS "s/t" CD

2nd price : BARABBAS t-shirt + CULT OF OCCULT t-shirt

3rd price : DOPE FLOOD T Shirt + CD

4th  price : VENOMIN JAMES both CDs "left hand man" +  "crowe
                   valley blues"

5th price : CULTURA TRES "el mal del bien" LP

6th price : STONE MAGNUM "s/t" LP

7th price : BANDA DE LA MUERTE
"pulsa de una mente maldita" T-Shirt

8th to 12th price : a CD or an EP (a very special one !)
to be choosen between STONEHELM  "s/t",   CROWN "the one", 

VERDUN "the cosmic escape of Admiral Masuka", BARABBAS "s/t", EARTHRIDE ep (re-edition with 3 live bonus trax, cover and artwork are not available yet but it'soon to be released on Totem Cat rds...)  

All stuff have been provided by bands and labels, thanx a lot to you all :)
(except the 2nd price and the Earthride ep provided by myself)

Send your answers to this mail-adress :
or message me on FB
(before next Wednesday 21th march 12:00 pm)

if several people have all good answers, I won't consider who gave them first or some shit like that... this will be my youngest son Liam (5 years old, so supposed to still be innocent !) who will draw lots ("tirage au sort"...).
Thanx for your participation and your support to T.O.P. in the future\m/

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